Surprise 60th Birthday Newspaper Favor

Personalized 60th Birthday NewspapersThis week we had the pleasure of creating a 60th Birthday Newspaper to celebrate the joint birthdays of a couple that has been happily married for over 30 years.

The 60th Birthday Newspaper Favor was a surprise gift from the couple’s four children, presented at their party to all the guests. Their daughters had secretly gathered birthday wishes and messages from family, and scanned a selection of photographs chronicling mom and dads lives from birth to present day.

60th Birthday newspaper | Proud Grandparents | - Personalized NewspapersWe used this information to put together an A3 four-paged personalized newspaper honouring their parent’s love, lives and laughter. This amazing couple are still as in love as they were the day they first married, and their daughters wanted this special newspaper tribute to their lives to reflect that love.

Each of the four children had a special message for their parents to thank them for all the support, wisdom and happiness they had brought to their lives. We put together a feature article where they shared their favourite memories growing up together.

60th Birthday Newspaper Favor - Personalized NewspapersThe finished product was a truly meaningful gift that honoured their parents lives in a unique and unforgettable way. What an amazing couple!

To order your own personalized newspaper to celebrate a special birthday, or meaningful event in your life, contact for a quote today or fill in the form below.

Alternatively, learn more about our birthday newspaper favors here.


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